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Other things you must try in Siargao Island

Siargao is known as the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines”, because of its perfect barreling waves, but not all is considerate to experience Surfing adventure. Aside from that water activity, you can enjoy a lot of picture perfect scenery and natural attractions on the island and nearby islets. As you along, bunch of activities can be done during your stay.

Just pick one, two or even all of them and ask for tour in charge at the front office.


In just a quick boat ride away from Siargao Island are three amazing islands that are perfect for island hopping namely Daku Island, Naked Island and Guyam Island. It’s a ravishing islands you might have visit to retreat yourself. Snorkel, explore and relax! These absolutely beautiful islands, are few hundred meters away from Retreat Resort Siargao. Our tour personnel will arrange the boat to use for this activity. The duration of this scenic experience is around 6 hours overall. Don’t forget to bring your camera, go-pro and other photography stuff with you. Just ask for snorkel gear, don’t forget the sunscreen protection.


The stunning rock formations and tidal pools are naturally formed by itself. The perfect time to visit here is during low tide, when the ocean separates from the tidal pools, allowing tourist to wade in the crystal clear waters and catch on the amazing coral reefs of underwater life. Magpupungko rock pools is located at the municipality of Pilar, 33 km from Retreat Siargao Resort. The best time to visit tidal rock pools is during low tide as current gets strong during high tide.

Just ask at front office for the tidal schedule!


A winsome lagoon is located 20 minutes by boat from Del Carmen. Where you can swim in crystal clear waters, do stand-up paddling, or go snorkeling with the stingless jellyfish while enjoying its peaceful atmosphere. This amazing lagoon is located at the Municipality of Del Carmen on the west side of Siargao. The motor ride adventure is 45 minutes from Retreat Resort to Del Carmen plus 20 minutes boat ride to the lagoon. This overall activity experience will takes about a daylong trip. It is best enjoyed during high tide and sunny day!


Sohoton Cove a beautiful spot teeming with life. Community of aquatic species and coral reefs can be seen in this amazing island because of the crystal clear waters along the way. A place would leave every visitor with mesmerized- clean lakes, secret coves, enchanting lagoons, spectacular rock and coral formations, incredible sea creatures and many more. It is much way spectacular and pristine. Its beauty is unspoiled and beyond compare. It’s perfectly ideal when you want to really enjoy holiday experience with nature, ride on to Sohoton Lagoon where you can witness a majestic natural attractions of the island. The Sohoton Natural Park is located in the Island of Bucas Grande. It’s a full day trip, consists of a 2 hours boat ride and followed by a 10-minute banca ride. Catch on to visit during low tide. This scenic view is really worth the journey!


TakTak Falls is the only water fall in Siragao Island, where the water is dammed to make pool .It is a refreshing change of scenery, a break from the long stretches of seascapes and the horizon. This gigantic spot is something fresh and cool to hang out while spending quality time with mates.The beautiful Taktak falls is situated in Sta. Monica, at the North Point of Siargao Island, an hour bike ride to reach there from Retreat Resort. This exciting experience will depend how long will spend at the falls. It is ideal to visit during weekdays to really enjoy scenic silence of Taktak Falls.


The two pristine Islands is a perfect spot for scuba diving, which showered with several diving areas where you can enjoy and explore a terrific experience of underwater world. You can also surf several of the uncrowded spots in the Island. This mint islands are 15 km from General Luna proper, it’s a long day fun experience. Feel free to let us know and we will arrange the boat ride!


The mystical Cave Pool of Siargao will bring you to the jungle, where you see untouched beauty of rock formations hangs from the ceiling which looks perfectly amazing. As you go along, you will be greeted with jellyfish shape rock formations, spring-fed pool, untouched stalactites and stalagmites and other discoverable creatures inside. You must see and witness the natural glow of Tayangban cave pool. It is a twin cave situated right off the Siargao Circumferential Road in Pilar, Surigao Del Norte, 45minutes ride from Retreat Resort Siargao.


Corregidor Island is located on the tip of a peninsula in the most southerly part of Siargao. It is about 30minutes boat ride from General Luna. It consists on discovering the islands with local tour guide. This is yet another splendid island to laze during the day, its secret serene is perfect for picnics and also a best spot to fly drones over the refined mangrove spread on the island. Best to bring some food here as there aren’t any food places close by. This whole serene experience can be done half day or daylong trip as much as you want.

Just book it in our reception and the tour in charge will be happy to assist you!

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